Second phase of the Yasamal Residential Complex

The second phase of the Yasamal Residential Complex, next project of the State Housing Development Agency, is located north of the “Ganly Gol”,along the External Circular Motorway, Yasamal district, Baku city. Total area of the Residential Complex is 15.4 hectares.


The new Residential Complex consists of 40 buildings, with 22 being nine-storied, and 18 twelve-storied. These buildings would, in total, accommodate 2202 apartments, of which 160 are one-room, 114 of studio type, 674 two-room, 1128 three-room, and 126 four-room apartments. Areas of apartments will be 33 to 96 m2. All apartments will be offered with completed interior finishing works, and provided with kitchen furniture.

Along with residential buildings, construction of social and domestic objects, child playgrounds, three one-storied kindergartens designed for 350 children(100, 125, 125), a three-storied secondary school building designed for 1200 pupils will be commissioned on the territory. An open type car parking lot will be created here for 2200 cars.

With a view to ensuring the comfort of inhabitants in the Complex, located in an ecologically clean and favourable part of the city, close to business centres, plans are in place to renew the transport infrastructure of the territory, and extend the possibilities.


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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